The Administration Department is responsible for overseeing the management of day-to-day operations of the Town. The department is comprised of the Town Administrator, Assistant Town Administrator/Town Secretary and support staff. The department provides support to the Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission, and the Argyle Economic Development Corporation.

Town Administrator

The Town Administrator serves as the chief administrative officer of the Town and is responsible to the Town Council for the proper management and administration of all affairs of the Town as set forth by Town ordinances, resolutions, other directives as established by the Town Council, and applicable state law. The Town Administrator’s duties and responsibilities include, but are not necessarily limited to:
  • Ensuring effective intergovernmental representation of the Town’s interest in local, regional, state and national affairs
  • Managing all operating Town departments
  • Personnel management and training
  • Preparing and managing oversight of the Town’s annual budget
  • Providing professional staff assistance to the Town Council

Town Secretary

The Town Secretary conducts general and special elections in compliance with the Texas Election Code, facilitates Town Council meetings and work sessions and provides other Town Council support as needed. The Town Secretary also serves as the Town’s official Records Management Officer and Elections Administrator.