Permit Applications

NOTICE: Starting on September 1, 2020, the department will accept 100% ‘paperless’ permits for all development and building permit applications, eliminating the requirement of paper copies. TIF and .PDF files will be accepted but not .DWG (AutoCAD) files.

You can submit an electronic version of plans by Dropbox portal link, a flash drive or a CD. Emails would not be preferred due to file size limitations and risk of emails not coming through. If you are turning in flash drives/CDs, we will do our best to return these to you at the time of permit pickup so that you may recycle devices.

This will streamline the permitting process by eliminating the handling of paper copies, while also providing an experience that is mindful of the COVID-19 pandemic by reducing the need for in-person visits to Argyle Town Hall.

The updated process will also include electronic permit approval and issuance. Applicants will no longer need to pick up stamped, approved permits in person.

For any questions on this new process, please contact the Building Permit Division at 940-464-7273 or by email at

The Town’s permit applications are available online. Before a permit can be issued, complete applications and all necessary plans and documents must be received by the Town. Applications and plans may be turned into Town Hall by email at